Saturday, October 1, 2011

I still watch too much TV

Hello hello!  So....I've mentioned before how much I love TV.  And how I watch too much it sometimes. Summer is a rough time and us TV watchers are forced into doing things we aren't proud of like watching Season 2 of The Bachelor Pad.  BUT Fall always comes thankfully and I thought that now most of the shows have premiered...I would share some of my new and old favorites!  So go ahead and just wash all your make up off, put your hair up in a ponytail, and take those contacts out because we are cozying up with our favorite friend....fall TV.

Monday - The Guilty Pleasure Day

Gossip Girl - CW

I've watched GG since season 1 and I'm still not sure why....

Hart of Dixie - CW

A new show this fall about a fancy Manhattan Dr. who relocates to Alabama.  The pilot just aired on Monday (so you can still catch up!) and it was way cute!

Tuesday - Favorites and Reality TV

Ringer - CW

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV as a troubled twin who assumes the identity of her wealthy upper east side sister after her sister goes missing.  She always thought her sister had the perfect life but discovers that she was actually hiding a LOT of secrets....a very interesting show.  I'm really loving it

Glee - Fox
Yes I've stuck it out with Glee...last season was disappointing but this one is already shaping up to be phenomenal.

New Girl - Fox

I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW AND IT'S ONLY THE SECOND EPISODE.  Seriously stop what you're doing and go watch it.  The main character is pretty much me if I were cuter.  I adore this show.

Parenthood - NBC

I've loved this show since the very should too....or we probably can't be friends anymore.

The Rachel Zoe Project - Bravo

I adore Rachel Zoe so much....

Wednesday - Comedy and Crime

Up All Night - NBC

Hilarious new show.  New parents who are used to partying and having fun....learning the hard way.  It's comedy is effortless.

The Middle - ABC

I LOVE the Middle.  Very true to life and the acting is just stellar.

Modern Family - ABC

I didn't get into this show until the second season but once I did...I then bought the whole first season too.  This show makes me laugh out loud more than almost any other show.

Suburgatory - ABC

New show...just started on is hilarious!  My dad was laughing out loud a lot which he normally doesn't do.  It's about a New Yorker whose Dad moves her to the "cookie cutter" suburbs where every Mom is siliconed and all the girls are characters out of "Mean Girls".  It's so great.

Criminal Minds - CBS

My favorite crime show ever.

Dance Moms - Lifetime

Pretty much the ultimate of guilty pleasure for me...I can't help myself.

Thursday - Comedy and Crime Part Deux

The Big Bang Theory - CBS

I love this show so much.  I can't say enough good things about it.

Parks and Recreation - NBC

My favorite comedy of all time.

The Office - NBC


The Mentalist - CBS

Such a smart crime show.  Love the main character.

The Secret Circle - CW

New show this fall about a girl who moves to Washington state after her mom dies...she discovers that she's a witch who has some strong powers and she isn't the only one in the town...and it's a town full of SECRETS!  I love a good secret.

Friday and Saturday I'm usually catching up on the week's recordings on the DVR (or writing blogs about all the TV shows I'm watching...)

Sunday- Random...

Pan Am - ABC

New show this fall about the airline in the 1960's....very glamorous and mysterious...2 of my favorite things.

Dirty Soap- E!

It's a reality show that follows the real lives of soap don't have to tell me what you're thinking in your mind...I already know.

So that's all for my update on Fall TV!  A couple new good ones are coming out in October including "Once Upon a Time" about characters from fairytales trapped in the real world....looks SO GOOD.

What are you watching this Fall?  Any new faves?  Share!!!


R.Dee said...

I watched Hart of Dixie and I loved it! Rachel Bilson is adorable :)

I use to love Gossip Girl but stopped watching midway last season because I got bored. Has it gotten better?

I also wanna watch New Girl! It seems amazing.

Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, The Office: all favourites!

I love TV :)

the mrs. said...


also, isn't it great that indiana is finally getting some love!? parks, the middle. awesome.

astrogirl529 said...

Great post, looking some of them up now....

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