Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a different kind of Tuesday

Instead of posting a playlist today I'm going to post my top 5 favorite albums at the moment and my favorite songs from that album

1. Needtobreathe - The Reckoning

I absolutely LOVE Needtobreathe...their music is very different and yet familiar at the same time.  They have some great songs and this CD is just.....wonderful!  Favorites include
The Reckoning, White Fences, A Place Only You Can Go, Drive All Night

2. Demi Lovato - Unbroken

Like I've said before...I've never been a huge Demi fan...but this album will just blow you away.  Her song "For The Love of a Daughter"...goosebumps.  I have so much respect for her and her honesty and her openness about her struggles and her strength to come back from it all.  Other stand out songs for me are
Give Your Heart a Break, Skyscraper, Unbroken, Fix a Heart

3. Gavin DeGraw - Sweeter

I love Gavin DeGraw's voice.  It's so soothing and his music is fantastic.  I love this new album of his.  My favorites are
Sweeter, Run Every Time, Not Over You, Soldier

4. Augustana - Augustana

This is a great album.  Their lyrics and musicality are amazing.  Every song is just flawless but these are my personal favorites.
Steal Your Heart, On The Other Side, Shot In The Dark, Just Stay Here Tonight, You Were Made For Me

5. Adele - 21

Adele is just a once in a lifetime kind of voice.  It will completely pierce your heart and leave you craving for more.  Seriously one of the best albums released in the last 10 years.  Her lyrics are poetry and the music is brilliant.  I recommend every song but my personal favorites are
Someone Like You, Set Fire to the Rain,  Don't You Remember, Turning Tables


b said...

Honestly, you listen to great music. NO ONE knows who NEEDTOBREATHE is but they are absolutely incredible!

Vanessa said...

thank you!!! I LOVE Needtobreathe so much and like you said...NO ONE listens to them! Hopefully now they will because their music is incredible! Thanks for reading! And for your comment :) Obviously you have some great taste in music too!

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