Saturday, September 3, 2011

5 Things

I know it's rare for me to post on a Saturday but usually I'm working the day away but in a lucky and rare turn of events I was off work by 2:00 today!  I've never known what a real Saturday afternoon looks like!  I'm here to tell you that they are beautiful!  In honor of this lovely Saturday of freedom which I love....I thought I'd share some other things that I currently LOVE

"Yes To" is an amazing line of natural products which I will be blogging more in depth about next week but I thought I'd share these first.  "Yes to Blueberries" Moist Facial Towlettes.  Remove dirt and make up and are 99% natural and paraban free!  It's nice knowing that you're using apple, lemon, and blueberry to clean your face instead of chemicals.  So excited to share my other great finds from this line....
P.S. And added bonus...they only cost $7.99 at Target!

I don't know what exactly it is about summertime that makes me listen to country music on an endless loop but I'm obsessed.
Current Faves:
Lady Antebellum - Dancing Away With My Heart
Jake Owen - Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Pistol Annies - Boys from the South
Sugarland - We Run
Rascal Flatts - Cool Thing
Tim McGraw - Red Ragtop
Pam Tillis - Maybe It Was Memphis
Miranda Lambert - Heart Like Mine
Blake Shelton - Honey Bee
Little Big Town - Little More You

Have a great rest of your weekend!  Some things to look forward to...

  • Weekend Collage
  • Tuesday Playlist
  • Wednesday Beauty Day
And all sorts of other shenanigans...see  you then!

1 comment:

the mrs. said...

you are the greatest blogger of all time. i'm so glad i forced you into it. please remember me when you're famous.

i loved #3, or what i remember to be #3 which involved ice cream. fantastic.

you make me super glad i went to high school.

ps. my word verification this time is "flince" which sounds like something you do when someone throws flynn from glee at your face.

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