Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The day I won an Emmy

I love award shows.  I've been so deprived since the Oscars.  Oh sure we had the Daytime Emmys (the red-headed step-child of Emmy shows) and the Teen Choice Awards (which I TOTALLY did not watch....) But like manna from heaven came
The 62nd Annual Emmy Awards
(the actual ones)

Nothing disappointed this year (besides some tragic dresses...which we'll get to).  Emmys need 3 things to be amazing
1. Equal parts hilarious and awesome opening number
CHECK!  Jimmy Fallon + Glee + John Hamm + Tina Fey + Betty White + Bruce Springsteen music =

(it would have been a better equation if they had "minused" Kate Gosselin...but not everything is perfect)

2. Equal parts hilarious and awesome host
DOUBLE CHECK! Jimmy Fallon was completely amazing....I frequently look at him and think...."we were meant to be soul mates"....and then Jake Gyllenhaal gets all heartbroken and we can't have that so.....I digress

The third thing the Emmys needs to be totally fabulous is of course the dresses!

As you know from past award shows- I have a fondness for award show dresses.   If you've missed any you can check them out here, here, and here (but I'm not obsessed)

So once again I am handing out my own awards......ready?  Here we go!

The "we all got together and planned out what color we were going to wear like we are in junior high" award:
These people....

Julie Bowen

Padma what's her face

I don't know who she is and had no desire to look it up

Jane Kraskowski

Jayma Mays

Lea Michele

I'm no Rachel Zoe but I would venture to guess that Navy is a popular color right now?

The "most likely to win Prom Queen/King" award

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

His bowtie matches her dress.....I rest my case.

The "I'm the ghost of Emmys past" award

Mindy Kaling 
 She will cut you.

The "I got this dress at Charlotte Russe" award 

Sofia what's her face

The "whoops you forgot to un-tuck your napkin" award:

Lauren Graham

The "whoops your dress is fugly" award
Emily Deschanel

The "stop seducing me with your eyes Cory Monteith" award:

 Cory Monteith

We're in a relationship.

The "50% Gladiator, 50% black silk, 100% unfortunate" award:

Anna Paquin

The "I'm sorry the Emmy's aren't actually at the beach this year" award:

 (yes I know that's not her name but that's who she'll always be to me)

The "best use of Seal" award:
Heidi Klum...and Seal of course

The "CPS will never catch me" award:
Kate Gosselin

What are you even doing there??? 

The "best use of what your mama gave you" award:

Christina Hendricks

Besides Marilyn Monroe- this woman is the definition of bombshell

The "Hey where's Maria we need her to interview Tom Hanks.....oh there she is being photographed again" award:
Maria Menunous

You are not actually a star....you work for Access Hollywood as an interviewer of the stars....know your place.

The "best use of the graphics from the opening of Saved By the Bell" award:

Tina Fey

I rest my case.

And now we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a Jon Hamm break.....feast your eyes...... 

Do you feel the healing powers of his smile? The warm tingly feeling his perfectly coiffed hair is creating from your toes all the way up your spine?

Whew ok....sorry.

Back to the dresses

The "maybe we should have taken a Xanex before getting dressed" award:

Naya Rivera 

The "I borrowed most of this fabric from Charlize's Oscar dress" award:

January Jones

 Maybe you could have combed your hair? And maybe your cone boobs are about to poke out my eye?

The "best white dress on a red carpet moment" award:

Kim Kardashian

The "you clean up nice" award:
 Mariska Hargitay

And for my top favorites....

Heather Morris

Jenna Fischer



loved! And did you see her sing for the "In Memorium"....amazing!

Dianna Agron

You can say what you want...I thought she looked stunning.  And you can't go wrong with Carolina Herrera

Claire Daines

Flawless....and I'm a sucker for sparkles...

I of course wore this...

Isn't it totally GORG!?
Purple really is my color...just for future reference.

Anyone else watch?  What were your thoughts?


Beth said...

Loved your commentary!! I absolutely thought Jenna Fischer looked AMAZING!! I didn't even recognize her at first.

Jen said...

i agree with you AND beth. jenna fischer was pure awesomess. but mostly from the pictures because i didn't watch it :/ i will look it up online.

also, your top picks were spot on and your dress was an absolute show stopper.

i didn't know they made a fabric line from saved by the bell memorabilia. i'll have to look into that.

Jaime said...

I didn't watch but I always love reading your synopsis. Maybe you should look into writing for a fashion magazine. I loved all of your awards.

Caren said...

I for one LOVED Kate Gosselin in the opening!!
And I loved your dress awards :0)

astrogirl529 said...

It's Connie, up there ^ !!

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