Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The day my family did stuff

I know it's been like 4 whole months without a family update.  I'm sure you're all waiting anxiously for this one.  I can hear you now...

"I can't believe Vanessa hasn't updated us on the family in SO LONG!"

"I know...I'm waiting with bated breath!"

"I can't take the suspense anymore!!!

Or the more realistic-

"Oh I forgot Vanessa has a blog"

Well love it or love it not- here it comes!

My parents went to Indiana to go pick up some of our stuff we left there and left me alone for a week watching the kids...

This was also the first week of 85 degree weather.  And the first week our swamp cooler didn't work.  And it was miserable.
I also worked my first week of work which if you missed it- you can read about {here}

Bub however looked totally rad in a monkey towel and I watched the NBA Finals (YEAH LAKERS!)

And I made a fruit pizza

I continued to work.  A lot.

My sister moved to Seattle :(
Luckily I captured this stellar photo with my Polaroid app on my phone before she left.  Or we'd be lost right now.

In the meantime my cousin took this picture of herself.

And we bought some red chairs

Also my cat understood how to use the computer better than our mom does

Speaking of my cat- I spent the rest of the month taking pictures like this



And of course this

I'm not like a weird cat lady or anything though.

We switched it up a bit this 4th of July and watched fireworks in lawn chairs rather than just on the grass.  We're rebels like that.  
Here are some sweet action shots I took with my cell phone.

I learned that I become highly irritable around incompetent people and those obnoxious self-lighting at home fireworks (especially those ones that scream....I mean....really?)
And as far as sparklers go- I love them but maybe...and I'm just saying this as a theory....I'm no Dr. Phil here but....maybe 2 year olds shouldn't be given sticks lit with fire that get up to 450 degrees?  Maybe?

Just a thought.
Also I become irritable when parents decide that them having a good time and ending up like this

Is way more important than actually watching your children when lighting explosives.

I've also learned I should probably be on Xanex.

We had a BBQ with our friends the Miguels.
Bub was in charge of the kids


(that's my friend Allie's baby Holland...she's adorable)

The guys played basketball just as well as the '95 Chicago Bulls- or the 2010 Indiana Pacers, one of the two.

I taught my first Relief Society lesson and pretty much looked like this the entire time

It went pretty good though.

Bub had a swim party with his karate group and we took some artistic "through the water" shots

Bub was concerned

My bestest best friend Beth came and visited with her AH-DOR-ABLE baby Brooklyn
I was incredibly obnoxious with the camera- lucky for me Brooklyn loved it

Bub loved it too...

I continued my run as an up and coming photographer by taking these incredibly artistic nature shots

And a whole box of these showed up in our pantry


(notice how I placed it on the envelope so it didn't blend it with the table)

50 points goes to the person who can name what that is.

And I was hit on at work by a guy who was just released from "lock up". Yes he really was.  Yes he told me this.  Yes he called it lock up.  Yes I said yes.  No I'm not desperate.
And just to let y'all know.  The TV lies.  This guy did not look anything like Wentworth Miller in "Prison Break"

He did however heavily resemble this guy

I know what you're thinking...."how did Vanessa get so lucky?"
And to that I say-
my charm and good looks
Plus I'm just a natural babe magnet.

I think that's pretty much it.  Be looking for another update sometime in November when I show you how I've finally succeeded in making my hair look exactly like Justin Bieber's

And how I've invented time travel so I can go back in time and make this happen

And I showcase the only dance move I know- a sweet hip shake move rightly named "The Rick"

Don't be a hater.


The Miranda's said...

thank you for the Nelson family update. You guys are everywhere and enjoying all the small things in life....sitting on red chairs is so rebelious!

Beth said...

The picture of Brooklyn and Kian is seriously adorable... they are so cute!!

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