Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the weather outside is.....not so frightful

All weekend the quacks who call themselves "weathermen" aka not a real job, had been warning us about this huge blizzard coming through Utah consisting of 4 storms starting on Monday night through Tuesday night.

And so the panic commenced.

People were filling up their gas tanks (umm hello...if you're snowed in isn't that kind of fruitless people?) and shopping at the grocery store like the apocalypse was hovering dangerously close (umm hello....aren't you people supposed to have food storage?)

The lives of the people in the entire state of Utah were in danger.

Considering the fact that our pantry consisted of
1.) Saltines
2.) Fiber One Bars
3.) Tomato Paste

Our lives were actually in danger (although our fiber levels would be very impressive)

It started snowing and everyone was snuggling in thinking of all the things they could do during the snow day.
Tuesday morning we woke up with visions of snowballs and snowmen and.....saltines...dancing in our head.  We peeked out the windows and....

The weathermen tried their best to justify their "prediction" (what are you people....gypsies?) by showing all the snow they got in Park City and Ogden and casually glossing over the fact that Provo got.....that.

Better luck next time Dan Pope Jack Frost.

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