Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All Nighter

Thanksgiving Break brings about a certain feeling in the air.  In my little brother it brings about a feeling to stay up all night.
Bub came up with the idea that he wanted to stay up all night and play games on the Wii and watch movies.  I being the cool and hip older sister...agreed.
We braved the winter storm advisories and blizzard like weather (more on that later) to go get things that will rot your teeth supplies.
After Mom and Dad went to bed it was time to party!
We began with a rousing game of Wii Sports...starting off with some bowling.  My Mii was in rare form tonight

and I proceeded to get my highest score yet.

Why yes, that is 7 strikes in a row you are seeing on my scorecard.  Somewhere there is a world famous bowler who is super jealous of my mad skills.
Ha ha jokes on you.  There's no such thing as a famous bowler.

We moved onto baseball where after 2 innings of team was able to catch up to my brother for a tied game.

We had warmed up our muscles so we could then move on to Lego Batman.  We killed some bad guys, built some stuff, and collected coins...

It was movie time.

On the schedule for the night was

Because Bub is fascinated by Harry Potter and claims he's dying to go see the 7th one.
I however have my doubts.

*For the record this picture was taken at 1:04 AM.  Impressive.

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