Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Challenge Day 4

So I'll probably do more than one of these a day for the following reasons:

1.) I am impatient
2.) I have no life
3.) I have nothing else to blog about

Your favorite photograph of your best friend (s)


I have a couple.  Beth and I have been best friends since high school.  I know that I can call her and get the best advice from any one else.  She listens to my crazy stories and just gets me.  I love doing crazy things with her and she's usually up for anything which I just love about her.  These are a few of my favorite pictures.
 (in chronological order)
This was from our Spring Break trip to Michigan our Senior Year of high school.  We caused so much havoc that trip it would take way too long to list and explain.  This is just one such instance when we stole this Caution Wet sign from a hallway at the hotel.  So weird that neither of us had boyfriends at this time...

I love this picture because it reminds me of one of the most fun girls nights we ever had.  We went out with our friends Emma and Rhiannon and were just silly girls running around and doing whatever we wanted.  Probably one of our last summers together.  

This was from when Beth came back to Indiana for a visit 2 years ago.  We got to go to lunch and spend some time together.  It's so great to me that no matter how long we've been apart...when we get together it's just the same. I miss you Beth!

Oh my Jenny.  Jenny is my sister from another mister.  She is so crazy and so hilarious that I know when I'm with her I will spend a good portion of the time wiping tears from eyes from laughing so hard.  We love all the same things...80's music/references, The Office, shopping, handbags, dancing outrageously....just to name a few.

I literally have like...zero pictures of us together (umm...Jen can you come to Utah so that we can fix this situation???)
But here are 2 of my favorite pictures of her

This was taken in my bedroom in high school.  I just love this picture of her....I mean how cool is she?  Don't you want to be her friend?  Well sorry...you can't.  She's my friend.

I wasn't even present for this one but I love it so much.  It captures the spirit of Jen better than any other picture on the planet.  I can't even help myself when I see this picture.  It makes me miss you terribly Jen.

I am so grateful for all the friends that I have.  I don't know what I would do without them.  Pretty much anyone who spends more that 1 year with me and still freely chooses to be my friend is a glorious human being.  And this doesn't happen often.  


Beth G said...

I was scrolling down your blog and thought I was caught up and then I saw a glimpse of a caution sign.... Hold up... DE-TROIT!! Ha wow I am a dork but I was surprised to see it haha... love ya

Jen said...

I echo beth's comment about thinking i was caught up.. incorrect. I KNOW WE HAVE NO PICTURES TOGETHER! i think about it like 90% of my life. which is especially tragic because i can't brag about how we're friends because there is little physical evidence. the notes help....

MiSsYoU LoVeLy

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