Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Challenge Day 13-16

Day 13- Your favorite musician and why?
I have so so many favorites because I love music.  I would have to say that Ray LaMontagne and Patty Griffin would have to be my top 2 though.  They don't just have amazing voices...they have amazing songs. I've said it a hundred times and I will keep saying it...their lyrics are poetry.  So so beautiful. 

Top Favorite Songs- Ray LaMontagne
Be Here Now
A Falling Through
Can I Stay
You Can Bring Me flowers
All the Wild Horses
Hold You In My Arms
Are We Really Through
Like Rock & Roll and Radio

Top Favorite Songs- Patty Griffin
Burgundy Shoes
Heavenly Day
Little Fire
One Big Love
Top of the World
Rowing Song
When It Don't Come Easy
Long Ride Home

Day 14- A TV show you're currently obsessed with
Umm...I don't know if you've met me but I don't really care for TV. 
ha  ha
Yeah right.  I love TV more than I'll love my first born.

Here's a break down for ya
Monday: Gossip Girl, Castle
Tuesday: Glee, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected
Wednesday: Criminal Minds, HellCats, Monsters Inside Me
Thursday: Big Bang Theory, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Mentalist
Friday: Blue Bloods, The Soup
Saturday: Marathon of America's Next Top Model on Oxygen
Sunday: Amazing Race, Undercover Boss
And then let's not forget the seasonal shows such as: Psych, White Collar, Mad Men, True Blood, Dexter
And the syndicated television: Saved By the Bell, Golden Girls, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, and Reno 911.
Like I said. TV really doesn't mean anything to me.

Day 15- Something you don't leave the house without
My cell phone.  It's an extension of myself.

Day 16- Your Celebrity Crush
Umm....can I name my Top 5?

1.) Justin Timberlake

2.) Jon Hamm

What a perfect specimen of human being

3.) Josh Duhamel

4.) Jake Gyllenhall

5.) Cory Monteith

(and I clearly don't have a pattern with "J" names)

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morgan&scott said...

ahhh i love dexter! good choice!!! we are like soul mates!

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