Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, Chinese Curse, NyQuil Texts, Hay Truck, 500th Post


Can you believe it?

Don't answer that. 

I can't even believe it's Christmas.  Work has literally sucked my life away. 

A couple weeks ago we had a free gift with purchase going on at my counter.  I had a Chinese woman come up to me and try to convince me that if she bought 2 things she deserved 3 gifts.  I went to 1st grade so I know that's not how things work.  Before she left she angrily said something to me in Chinese and then left.  I have since had the worst luck ever.  Now I'm no Chinese expert but I'm pretty convinced she cursed me.  

Some proof:
Saturday: Day of said curse- I work 2 hours over my shift after only having 1 1/2 hours of sleep and then proceed to have the strangest text conversation in my life that then lead to completely changing a friendship (not for the better).
Thursday: I don't get to close with my best friends
Saturday next: Find out some terrible information.  Terrible.  
Sunday: Colts, Peyton Manning, Interceptions, Sadness
My worst week of sales I've had in a long time.
Check my schedule for New Years Eve.  The store closes at 7pm.  I'm scheduled until 9:15.  Really?  Really!?
Sick with the flu the week before Christmas.  Really?  Really!?

Yep so there's that.  

My addiction to NyQuil has been back in full force and so has my need to send text messages.  Some examples.
To my friend Kathryn:
Me: Oh it's fine.  I just nurse complaubing as much as I CA.
Kathryn: Taken anything?
Me: Twag
Me: Or you know whatever....I hope your phone I'd on soleby so this doesn't bother you
Me again: Ok well one eye only stays ion so I girss ill just Talbot to you laater.  I live you!

To my friend Jenna:
Me: In siryh I an bot wirhyvd tonfight
Jenna: Whaaa?
Me: I went home early.  I've goes a fever.
Jenna: Ahh man you poor thing get some rest
Me: I will I Judy took nywyil.

To my friend Jack:
Me: Ah yes!  I want that so bad!  O could watch it NT feverish haze.
Me again: Sorry...that's didn't even make sense.

A&E......we have an intervention for you.

Also my friend Kathryn has this awesome truck that is so bad in snowy weather that they have to put hay in the bed to weigh it down.  We got ourselves quite the snowstorm on Monday.  I got to ride home in the hay truck.  We fishtailed.  I saw my life flash before my eyes.  It was awesome.  

Moving right along to preparing for Christmas!  I did some baking again this year. 

I don't know if you remember last year when I single handedly almost ruined ChristmasNumerous times

We had no fatalities in the cookie department, no ruining of the Nativity, no house almost on fire (probably because I have a job this year so it kept me out of the house a lot.  The house is very grateful).  I did make some delicious treats and got to play in the snow with my dog.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you!
I was Mary in the Christmas program at church on Sunday.  It was pretty awesome.  

Whew.  The flu really took away from my posting time so I'm sorry this blog post is so long.  But it is my 500th!  Thanks for sticking around and maybe reading it?  I don't even know if there are any readers.  But whatever.  I'll post 500 more I'm sure.  
And if you don't like it...blame the Chinese curse.


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