Monday, December 6, 2010

New Challenge Day 17-21

And......back to the challenge.  To be honest I was waiting for us to get our family pictures because Day 17 just happened to be......
A photo of you and your family

I adore my family.  They are funny and smart.  They give (mostly) great advice.  They listen to me and laugh at my stupid jokes.  They make me happy.

Day 18- Something you crave a lot
 Fresh Mozzarella cheese....I love.  

Day 19- Another picture of yourself

This is what I do with a lot of my free time.  And I have....a lot of free time.  When I'm not writing letters to Tom Brady.

Day 20 - The meaning behind your blog name
Umm...well I was trying to come up with something and then I happened to hear the song (Absolutely) Story of a Girl by Nine Days and I was blog is a story of a girl.  And voila!

Day 21- A photo of something that makes you happy

Yes I work there.  Yes that man on that ladder is my boyfriend.  But it's not work necessarily that makes me happy.  It's the people I work with.  I have met my best friends at work.  I just adore them and couldn't ask for better people to call friends.  Especially my 3 bestest best friends.  I just love them!

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