Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ode to Jenny

Or just Happy Birthday may suffice. Today is the day of the birth of one of my best and truest friends...

Jennifer Laura (Dearth) Chaput

I still vividly remember the first time I met Jenny. We were both doing costumes for the musical in the fall of junior year (before we both realized just how insane we were for doing that). We discovered we had the same ridiculous sense of humor and the rest as they say is history. Jen and I were recently talking about those adventures we used to have backstage, involved in all the school productions for 2 (seriously???) whole years- wondering why on Earth we decided to get "involved" (couldn't we have just been anti-social instead?) and Jen came to the conclusion
"Oh well, we were still the coolest ones there"

And that pretty much sums up our friendship. There is no better shopping buddy than Jen (even though I seem to spend an exorbitant amount of money when we are together). I am a little crazier, a little braver, a little funnier and a whole lot more fabulous when we are together.
We went through a lot together and I think we only had one real fight in all our years of friendship. Jen- I've seen you graduate, go off to college, get married, and now be a Mom- Logan is so lucky to have you as his mom.
It's hard to believe we've grown up so much but so amazing and exciting as well. It's also amazing that we have still been able to keep our incredibly childish and immature sense of humor. I'm glad I can say that I made the cut from high school as someone you would want to stay in contact with (ha ha). And when and IF we EVER become crazy enough to actually go to our high school reunion...we will still be the coolest ones there.
I love you JEN!
In honor of my friend I went digging through boxes and boxes to find some notes that my friend Jenny wrote me in high school- by some wonderful twist of fate these notes are right before her birthday- senior year 2004. Yes ladies and gentlemen- all the things you are about to read are real and don't resist the urge to understand why Jen is one of the most amazing people ever. But she's my friend so don't even think about trying to hang with her.

#1: my favorite part about this one is probably the notes all along the sides that say "mmm muffins" all the way down the paper. Pretty much sums up Jen.

#2 my favorite part of this note is also what is written down the side. It reads "I heart surfer dudes" there was even a rad picture of a little surfer on the front that said "I'm so beautimous I have great hair even when I'm SURFIN'!" Brilliant.

#3 was a 2 pager so you know it's good. Besides the amazing pictures my favorite parts include:
In the middle of a sentence Jen randomly writes "why don't you fill me up buttercup baby but you let me down and mess me around" and then writes "I'm too tall today- the altitude is making me nauseous"... *which just makes me laugh considering how tall Jen is normally*
A little later- also while in the middle of a sentence Jen writes "Eczema Eczema how is that spelled ITCHY! Woah altitude"
And last but not least she writes towards the end "Rachel is baking me a FUNFETTI cake for my birthday...punk what now. I can't wait! MMM Funfetti!"

Like I said Jen- you just make my whole life better.

Happy 23rd Jen!
I hope it's as awesome as you are!!!


Nic and Jen said...

i don't remember doing drugs, but it appears i was totally cracked out throughout high school....

at least we were still the coolest ones there.

i'm so glad we're friends.

Nic and Jen said...

also... when did i start talking like strong bad and why did no one stop me?

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