Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ode to Justin

Today is the birthday of my second (after Zack Morris) true love.

Justin Timberlake

Oh Justin. I remember the first time our eyes met while I was watching your concert on the Disney Channel. I remember the endless hours spent walking back and forth from Days Market spending hard earned babysitting money on magazines featuring your beautiful face.

I remember the many posters I had of you on my wall. The way your blue eyes starred longingly into mine when I saw you in concert when I was 13. I remember how you used to wear giant pants, had bleached blonde hair, and danced.

(and apparently had your own Barbie)

Thank you for changing your wardrobe to sweater vests, shaving your head (even though the curls were cute), and growing some scruff.

(Seriously...thank you)

(Yeah I even stood by you through this....)
Thank you for writing all those songs about me including "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You"...I think He did spend a little more time on me. 

I remember the day you started dating Britney my heart broke a little

(ok a lot...I may have cried)

I remember the day you broke up with Britney put a little smile on my face.

(although you did have a lot in common...)

I'd like to thank Jessica Biel for being a pawn for the media so that you and I can keep our love secret.

(Talking to me on the phone...obviously)

From "I Want You Back" to "Sexy Back"- Happy 28th Birthday and here's to another 28 great years to come...unless I find someone hotter than you.


cornnut32 said...

k so your mention of day's? yeah. i snorted. (how sad but true...)

remember the day i decided i wanted to be cool like you and you came over and helped me cut pictures out of teen magazine and put them all over my bulletin board?

and posters on your walls? ha! i remember the one on your ceiling above your bed most...

Nic and Jen said...

i just don't think you can ever really know how fantastic it is for me to be friends with you... thank YOU for being pretty much amazing!

you are so hilarious. i love it.

Caren said...

Oh the hair!! I forgot about that UGLY 'fro!! Too funny!

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