Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paging Dr. Carter (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

For those of you who know me...(heaven help you...JK) You know that I have seen EVERY episode of ER. EVERY SINGLE ONE since the first season. I love this show. The people, the emotion, the medicine...the drama....I love it all. I have had my favorites over the last 15 seasons...
Dr. Greene (died of a brain tumor)

Lucy (was brutally stabbed to death)

and of course
Dr. Carter

I just love Dr. Carter...not only his he totally dreamy BUT he is also a great character. Has gone through a lot...has grown a lot. He was on for 10 seasons...the longest a regular cast member stayed on the show.

So imagine my excitement when Dr. Carter RETURNED to County General Hospital this past week. I was ecstatic! He will be on for pretty much the rest of the season throughout the series finale. Now in the past my favorite characters lives have not ended well (see above) so I shouldn't really be surprised but none the less my mouth dropped open and my heart skipped a beat when in the last shot of the episode you see a room of people all hooked up to dialysis machines....and one of them is none other than
Dr. John Carter.


I guess I'll have to wait and see how it pans out...I already know this last season is going to make me cry...I don't need Dr. Carter dying to top it all off. I'll keep you updated!


Nic and Jen said...

seriously, what ever happened to happily ever after [sans dialosis]? its like we went the exact opposite way, to the extreme, to make some kind of sick point. sadness. carter was great. when i used to watch er [because i didn't use to pass out at 10pm on the dot] he was my favorite as well.

Caren said...

Dead people...that's why I quit watching this show!! Too many dead people!

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