Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Having an Olivia Day

I've decided to coin this term. For any of you who watch "The City" (or don't) I am referring to Olivia Palermo from the show. She is a "social" (yes she refers to herself this way) and by social we obviously mean socialite. One of those New York girls. I don't know if Olivia is aware that those types of girls have a reputation (refer to the show "Gossip Girls") but she is NOT helping them at all. She is rude and catty and just a SNOB. She talks down to everyone she comes in contact with. When the main girl Whitney told her old boss that Olivia was one of the new girls she was working with the woman said "Olivia Palermo? She actually has a job now?" Yeah exactly. She also refers to champagne as "champy" which is just so annoying.

Here is a recap from one of the recent shows that shows how Olivia is...(just so you can get a clear picture)

"Back at Hotel Gansevoort, Nevan (Olivia's obnoxious cousin) begins making jokes about the band to Olivia and Teresa, the event planner. Gesturing in the direction of the band, he says that it's a "glossy high end place" but it's like the "beach boys" over there. The jokes continue even as Jay (Whitney's- Olivia's supposed friend- boyfriend) gets off stage to find Whitney. Jay wants to leave immediately and asks that Whitney keep "Bevan" away from him. Olivia notices the hasty departure and comments to Teresa that it was disrespectful of Jay to leave without saying goodbye. Nevan remarks, "What do you expect from the plaid mafia?

The following day at DVF, Olivia asks Whitney what she thought about last night. Whitney thoughtfully repeats the question and tells Olivia that it was kind of like a stab in the back to have Nevan making fun of the band the whole night. Olivia says that Nevan is an adult and she has no control him, all that Olivia asked for was a thank you. Whitney explains that Jay didn't feel like he owed anyone anything when it seemed like Olivia could have cared less. Olivia points the blame on Jay's insecurities and cuts the conversation short by telling Whitney that this is nor the time nor the place for this discussion. In the future, Olivia notes, they should leave their work environment separate from their private"

Rolling her eyes the entire time no doubt...she's very good at that (almost as good as me)
So today I was just having a really bad day when it came to dealing with people. I think it is all part of my grandpa being cursed by a gyspy (more on that later). So anyway I called the bank who I was having trouble with and pretty much acted like a word that rhymes with witch. We'll leave it at that. When I hung up the phone I was like "Wow...where have I heard that type of tone before?" Oh yeah...

So I have now coined the term "Having an Olivia day" for when you just act like one of those girls. This can also be used in the form of "Having an Olivia moment" because sometimes it is fleeting before you realize how horrible you are being. Mine is a day though because I don't see this feeling as fleeting today. So sorry if you have to come in contact with me. It's just too bad that when I am having one of these days there can't be theme music to go along with it...just like the real Olivia gets. Some girls have all the luck.

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