Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was recently asked my someone I know that favorite question...
"What is something about yourself that not many people know?"
I always have a hard time coming up with an answer to this because I am a pretty much open book. But here is a quirk of mine that not many people know (my own Mother didn't even know this about me until recently)
I love putting milk on my ice cream. Take some Neapolitan ice cream and pour some regular old milk over the top and it is pure heaven. (it's good on pretty much any ice cream flavor though)
My mom asked "Why do you do that?"
Well...because it's good.
The milk makes the ice cream kind of icy and creamy at the same time. Don't knock it till you've tried it.
But there ya go...a quirk about me. Now I'll have to come up with another one for the next time I am asked...
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1 comment:

Emily said...

i dont really know where you can buy those earbuds, but probably like target! or at least radioshack.

and i like that you totally think up an answer to this question in advance!
now i need to think of something liek that....hummm..

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