Monday, July 11, 2011


Why hello again blogging friends!  It's great to meet you again.  I apologize for having gone missing from y'alls lives like that.
And I know you're sad too.

But I'm back and really have nothing of significance to share with you.  So....let's talk about other people's lives!
Television is going fantastic isn't it?  I love summer television.  It's so much more mind numbing.  Nothing I love more than laying in the sun listening to music all day...getting just the right amount of sunburned, and then coming back into the air conditioned house and watching terrible people doing terrible things.  Some current favorites:

1. The Bachelorette - Monday ABC
I don't have much to say about this season.  Ashley bores me.  I think she's still super insecure with herself and I don't think any of her potential relationships will work out.  I think she needs to work on herself a little bit more before she tries to find herself in a relationship...just sayin.

2. Real Housewives of New Jersey - Sunday Bravo
My favorite series of housewives.  They are the most real to me.  The Manzo family is the greatest thing on television.  And so so funny.

3. The Glee Project - Sunday Oxygen
I was apprehensive about this one seemed dumb.  But I watched the first episode and now I can't stop! I love seeing all the talent these kids have!

4. Teen Mom - Tuesday MTV
Here is a run down on the first episode of Teen Mom: 1. Farrah wants a boob job...I'm sorry..."needs" a boob job.  She did breast feed for a week so...justified I guess.  She can't afford a boob job so she needs a loan.  She calls people and says "Hi I need a loan for a breast augmentation" with a straight face.  Touche.... 2. I don't really remember anything else because pretty much the entire first episode was about Farrah wanting boobs, Farrah getting boobs, Farrah's mom with the dead eyes who made her get a will written up just in case she died while getting boobs.  Boobs.

5. Big Brother - Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday CBS
Anyone who knows me knows that this is my absolute favorite show of all time.  And this season especially because they brought back some of my favorites!  It's already been hilarious and I can't wait for the rest of the season to unfold.  I the first episode they had to hang on giant bananas so....I don't know what's not to like.

6. White Collar - Tuesday USA
If you aren't watching this show....just...don't ever talk to me again.  And as if that glowing review wasn't enough for you...just have this: you wanna set your TiVo....

If you were wondering if I actually watch all of these shows.....the answer is yes.  If you were wondering if I'm still single...just answer that on your own.
Another story about work for you...I had a lady who came in carrying around a full grown cat who wanted a make over. Pretty much a metaphor for my entire life.

In true Monday is a collage of my weekend!  It was quite eventful as you can see...
my weekend

At least I washed my hair.  I found it important that you know that.

I've been listening to some great new music lately so look forward to a new playlist sometime in the near future.  I'm on vacation from work for the ENTIRE WEEK so yay for me!!!

Happy Monday!

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R.Dee said...

Ashley bores me as well! She's really insecure and the entire Bentley nonsense for most of the episodes really irritated me.
I like JP. He's a cutie.

Also, love RHOJ! I have to catch up (behind 2 episodes) but the show is really entertaining. I'm not a huge fan of the two new editions (Kathy/Melissa) but still, great show.
Teen Mom: I think Amber needs help. Some type of professional help. That's a toxic relationship. The whole boob job thing with Farrah was crazy as well.
Big Brother: I. Love. Big Brother! I'm so glad that Jeff and Jordon are back. Love them.

Also noticing that you're reading Mini Shopaholic - I finished that a few weeks ago. Cute and fun like most of Sophie Kinsella's books. If you like it (and already haven't read them) you should look at Emily Giffin. Same cute/romantic/light readings.

Okay well I'm done my long post now!
Looks like you had a good week/weekend (yes, watching excessive tv does count as a good time in my world. I'm sure you'll agree)

-R.Dee (

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