Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wednesday review

I decided that I would review some items for you today.  First of all I'd like to share with you a dream I had last night where my leg hair was so long I had to cut it with scissors.  It was like...long blonde horse hair all over my legs.  Needless to say...I shaved today.
Also this lady (on the right of course)

aka my best friend Beth, is in town this week!  We spent last night trolling around yelling at people from the car.  Just like we did when we were 19.  Some things (thankfully) never change.

Anyway back to the reviewing....
First item(s) on review...I re-discovered how awesome Redbox is.  I have Netflix but I always forget to send my movies back.  I still have "The Back Up Plan" so if that tells you how long it's been...(cough august 2010 cough cough cough)
Anyway...I recently saw the following movies and here are my reviews.

I Am Number 4

I didn't know how I would feel about this movie but I ended up LOVING it and watching it 3 times.  It was so so good and I highly recommend it.  It's good for both guys and girls...action and romance.


This is the remake of "Beauty and the Beast"...Mary Kate Olsen was in it and her character scared me a little bit and I kept waiting for her to say "you got it dude!" (cue the laughter at my hilarious throwback to Full House joke).  Vanessa Hudgens is also in it and I kept waiting for her to not be....I don't like her.  All in all it was decent.  It's a good movie for girls night.

The Roommate

This was the stupidest movie I've seen in a long time.  Anti-climatic, lame get the idea.  This movie is best for never.

Just Go With It

Very very funny movie and I normally don't care for Adam Sandler.  Good job guys.  This is a great movie to watch with you Mom and little sister....because that's who I watched it with.

Now I'd like to review my absolute favorite lotion of all time
Drenched in Pink by Victoria Secret

Seriously the best lotion ever and I have to say thank you to my friend Rhiannon for introducing me to it.

And last but not least...the Casey Anthony trial.
All I have to say is this...

Following reasons as to why I feel this way
- What parent takes 31 days to call police when their child goes missing???
- There was a full on frozen Stouffer's meal found in her car...umm..what the eff?  I convict her just for that.
- She made up a nanny named Zanny...similar to Dwight making up a dentist named Crentist.

Lady justice wept at that verdict.

That's all for your reviews today!  I hope this is helpful in all your future movie watching, lotion applying, and Nancy Grace viewing.


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