Thursday, July 21, 2011

wednesday review on thursday...

So for this week's review I'll be reviewing some truly wonderful/terrible things so let's get started!

1.) Teen Mom (from last week)
The first thing you should know is that Amber and Gary have been back together for an entire week so obviously they are celebrating by buying a house together.  

Ah that look of love.

They decide to take a family vacation and their in-car banter is stimulating...goes something like this:
"Look Amber...pumpkins" 
"Shut the &%#@ up Gary you talk too fast!"
"Amber shut your %$&#*@% mouth!"
"$&%@#$*& Gary you are so annoying!"

Family vacations rock.

Tyler and Catelynn are also getting an apartment together.  Tyler loves powder blue bathrooms and cabinet space.  They find the perfect apartment and proceed to decorate with this

Why yes...that is a giant blanket with their baby's face on it.  All the design rage right now.  

Farrah is still whining.  This time it's about being a model.  Here she is "modeling"

She also had a heart to heart with her daughter about braised ribs.  If I could count all the times I had girl talk with my mom where we discussed ways to cook meat....good times.

2.) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
It was so amazing right!?  I went with my friend Jack and we both cried.  A lot.  It was sad and beautiful and wonderful.  An amazing end to an amazing story.

3.) Lancome Oscillation Intensity mascara - $25

I received this mascara for gratis from Lancome and I wasn't sure about it.  I LOVE their Hypnose Drama mascara and I just didn't think I would like anything as much.  I was wrong!  I'm in love with this new one.  It gives volume but a nice clean separated volume and so easy to use!  If you get the chance stop by your local Lancome counter and give it a try.  You will be amazed.

That's all for my reviews this week!  I hope you enjoy them!  And just remember who is watching over you...

Sleep well....

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