Thursday, February 16, 2012

my life according to Instagram

So...I've basically given up on The Bachelor.  I know....but I'm sure I'll be right back to it in about a week.  I just need a break from Ben and his dragon face.
In other news...let me update you on my real life.  I'm obsessed with Instagram.  I'm such a hipster.  This is my life according to Instagram over the last 2 months.


Celebrity Shoot Out in Park City

(my husband was supposed to be there....and was not)

Andi McDowell

That guy from Everwood

Alan Thicke

Cuba Gooding Jr. and others

Michael Vartan...beautiful beautiful Michael Vartan

Drive back down from Park City....

Other random activities:

Sometimes even the best of friendships can end....

Got a Valentine from my BFF Jen...yes that is Jon Hamm as my prince.  She gets me.

Love Potion #9

He really wants to be her friend.  She does not accept.

Every day.  At least a million times.



Sladja said...

Just one word... LOVELY!

B said...

I. Miss. Your. Bachelor. Posts. (Sadly I admit that I watch it too...)

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