Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Ten

 This bedroom....amazing

OPI - Baby It's Coal Outside

Use a sundress year round!  So cute!

Is there ever a time when Paris isn't beautiful??

Reminds me of a beautiful winter day...

Just perfect


Hot chocolate bar....what a fun idea!

Florence + The Machine: Ceremonials....brilliant

Meet Me In St. Louis - Just about ready to pull this one out!

What are some of your current favorites???


Emuhlee said...

I ADORE Meet Me In St. Louis. It is one of my all-time favorite movies. And I love the charcoal nail polish. I can't really rock it, but kudos to those who can.

B said...

Your future house scares me. It looks too breakable. And the two perfectly placed sets of boots... unreal.

Vanessa said...

Ha ha I didn't even notice the boots! They are a little "Stephen King"-ish ha ha ha

Beth said...

Just wait until I post a picture of the comforter I am almost done making for B... You will be in LOVE!

Vanessa said...

Ah!!!!! I can't wait!!! I'm sure it's beautiful! Mom and I have another package to send B...don't know if she told you but be on the look out! :)

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