Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Update

I've been really bad at updating this blog on actual happenings of my life so for the sake of our family members and friends who actually care what we is what's been happening.

My mother threw away an entire unopened box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch while in one of her Ambien hazes....

I FINALLY (after many years of trying) beat my Mom at Bejeweled Blitz.  I took a picture to commemorate the occasion

My severely co-dependent dog laid in the bathroom while I was doing my make up.

My BFF Jenna and I took pictures of ourselves at work missing our other BFF Kathryn

This was a very bad month for me and my friends and I'd rather not talk about it.....

My sister came to visit from Seattle!  And we took family pictures and I looked severely creepy in all of them (which is why I won't be posting any.....)

I'm not sure what happened this month....does anyone remember?  Send me pictures would ya?

Little brother had a birthday!

Little brother also had a few melt downs and night filled with no sleep while our parents were in Italy seeing amazing things....
This is Mt. Etna in Italy...

and finding me a boyfriend....

Bonus!  He tells fortunes and understands the value of a good burlap sack

Little brother and I also had a photo shoot where we were professionally good looking

Little sister had a birthday!
Cake Batter pancakes I made for her in the morning before school
Recipe HERE


And I went to the grocery store in my sweatpants....

I had a birthday! (including flowers sent to me at work!)

And I had a cake that had so many candles I thought my cake topper was going to light on fire.

We went to Tooele to visit family....

And I was in none of the pictures so here's one of me looking like I don't comb my hair...but that's only because I don't comb my hair.

And that's pretty much all that's been going on in our lives.
Thankfully Glee is back to fill an obvious void.


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