Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my life according to my picture phone

So since I really don't have anything special to update you on I thought I would share some pictures that I took recently on my phone.

Pictures from the celebration for my Dad's work...

 The display hanging from the ceiling in the front entry of the's gorgeous!

 Our dinner was YUM

Dessert bar...served mini chocolate chip cookies with a shot of chocolate milk.  Adorbs right???

 Some more of the dessert bar....with open flames!

I was clearly obsessed with this display...

 Floral arrangements with Runts?  Yes.

One of the exhibits....Human Rights was a BEAUTIFUL and at times heartbreaking exhibit.  

I also took some hipster "Instagram" photos....

Me with my friends Maggie and Jenna at our friend Morgan's baby shower

 My dog...Colt

I wore milkmaid was a weird day

I'm clearly very mature and classy

So that's what's been going on in my life lately.  
Also I'm curious to know if you guys have a favorite post or something on the blog you like/don't like?  My comment section is open to suggestion and high fives.  Let me know!!!


the mrs. said...

greatness. only a truly fantastic blogger can come up with a great blog from cell phone pictures.

Emuhlee said...

I absolutely love all of your posts. My favorites are the letters, for sure. You are hysterical. I even started doing some similar on my blog, though I always give you credit for your super-awesome ideas (mostly because everyone who reads my blog knows I couldn't come up with it!).

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