Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Collage

My weekend was BUSY.  I've seriously been working every day.  My only day off was Sunday and I spent the day in bed doing nothing but watch movies (including an Audrey Hepburn marathon and my FAVORITE movie ever...Anne of Green Gables....) watching way too much "Jersey Shore" (it's getting cray cray up in that house)  and taking naps.  LUCKILY I have the next 2 days off...because I think I'm going crazy.  I literally saw Jack Nicholson and Deena from Jersey Shore at my work today.

Yeah...time for a break.

Here's my collage!

my weekend

See you tomorrow for your weekly playlist!


Suzy said...

I love Anne of Green Gables! I am so in love with Gilbert Blythe, kind of ridiculous. I have always wanted be a sassy red-head like Anne!

Sladjana said...

Well you absolutely know that you are going crazy when you think you saw Deena :D
BTW Love Audrey!
Enjoy! xo


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