Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Collage

So I finally have an actual weekend update for you because I actually did stuff!  This weekend was nice because I had Friday and Saturday off work (yay!) so because my sister is here visiting (double yay!) we decided to make a weekend trip!  So we started the morning of Friday off with pedicures.  Let me start off this story by saying that this is a locked on the balcony story.  For those of you who are recent readers click here to get some background.......I'll just wait here.........ok so you finished?  Yes that really happened.  So I now refer to situations that don't happen to normal people but happen to locked on the balcony moments.  So here we go with the latest.....
I just want you to get a clear picture in your mind's 9:30 in the morning (which is like...the middle of the night for me) and I'm with my Mom and my 2 sisters.  We check in for our pedicures and we are told our stylist will be with us shortly.  A guy walks out.  Not like a cute sassy gay guy....but you know that guy who used to smell your hair in math class?  He also probably used a lot of big words and had a Star Wars role play group.  Ok so take this guy and put him in a hair salon.  And then picture him as the stylist who comes out and calls my name.  My first thought was "typical" second thought was "he is going to be touching me".  
Now I realized I was pre judging so I quickly changed my attitude and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.  It's certainly not fair to judge someone on first I waited...and then he says "I'll make sure your first time with me is a good one".....and then I vomited a little in my mouth and wanted to run away.

He was massaging my feet (and enjoying it a little too much) and then says "Oh I love that smell" and wanted me to smell his hand.  Then he forgot to scrub my dead skin off and he says "Your feet are so amazing I keep forgetting what I'm doing"...and THEN said "How often do you do this for yourself because your skin really seems to be enjoying it" 
And that was pretty much the time when I knew for a fact that there is NO Santa and the universe hates me.

So yay for strangers touching your body in places you don't really want them to anyway.

After I drank a Diet Coke and took a Xanax for the PTSD we headed up to Park City for some shopping.  I spent a little too much money at the Coach outlet but never really regretted it.  THEN we headed out to Tooele to visit my favorite Aunt and Uncle and my cousins.  We visited and laughed and watched a concert in the park featuring a man who yodeled and played the accordion...(yeah that's real life)

And saw a couple amazing sunsets...

 and then headed to the Hampton which was hands down one of the cleanest and most comfortable hotels I've been in.  I don't know if they are all like that but this one certainly was so yay for Hampton! 

On Saturday we had hotel breakfast (which...dirty little secret of mine....I absolutely LOVE) and then got all gussied up for our family pictures.  My cousin Meagan is an amazing photographer and took our family pictures this year.  
We had so much fun laughing and taking amazing pictures and then after a delicious dinner...headed home exhausted but happy.  
Sunday we were able to have dinner at my grandparents and shared some more fun family time.  I'm so sad this weekend is over...back to work.  I get to work EVERY day this week because it's GIFT WITH PURCHASE time again at Lancome (yay.)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and were blessed enough like me to be surrounded by family and laughter.  
Here is my collage of the weekend...

Also just as a shout out to my cousin...this is a video of her performing last year with her high school showchoir.  She is the soloist in the middle with the brunette hair and she's AMAZING.  I'm seriously blown away by her....she has the big solo part at the end too...enjoy!

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