Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weird Stuff

Surprisingly enough even with all the crazy things that we see in this world....I can still be shocked by things.  I could tell you the recent items that have induced this shocked feeling OR even better...I could show you.

1.) Hoffsicles

Yes.  Popsicle in the shape of a full grown David Hasselhoff.  This makes me incredibly uncomfortable.  Are we supposed to give these to children?  Do we call CPS first?  I don't know what the protocol for this is.  Do us all a favor Hoff....stick to the music.

2.) Monkey Babies
Remember that show "My Monkey Baby"?  If you've been reading this blog for about a year (no one) then you definitely remember monkey babies.  BUT have no fear because clicking {here} will refresh your memory.  Ok so now you've been sufficiently creeped out....remember the show "My Fake Baby" where the people had baby dolls made to look like real babies and they would push them around in strollers?  Yes?  Or more  Well don't worry because clicking {here} will take you to that sad depiction of life in this world.  So now that we're all bummed out and thinking that there's really no hope left....(yaaayyy) let's COMBINE those two things and purchase this

Are you freaked out because I am.
*sidenote Remember when that chimpanzee ate that woman's face off?  This baby could eff you up.  I'd be scared.

3.) I don't really have a number 3 but I thought it would look lame with only two.

So enjoy this day of weirdness!  If you find any more weird stuff send it my way.

And seriously....don't Hassle the Hoff.

Also: if you're looking for an appropriate birthday gift for me (it's on October 25th this year...same as last year) might I suggest this

Oh's happening.


cornnut32 said...

okay, so, i HAVE to have me a hoff pop. where on this planet can i possibly get some of those amazingly yummy treats????

Beth said...

I totally think we should adopt a monkey baby together hahahaha

Sladjana said...

just few words...OMG!

check out my awards for you on my blog :))


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