Tuesday, April 12, 2011

where the magic happens

so for the last few months I've been working on plans to re-do my bedroom.  I needed something more grown-up and sophisticated because I myself am so grown-up and sophisticated (kindly disregard any previous blog posts about the jonas brothers, justin bieber, or hannah montana...that was a previous life.  I don't even know that person anymore).
So naturally I gravitated toward my old flame anthropologie...dear sweet anthropologie.  And there it was....this was not a fleeting romance.  This was the real thing.  This was true love.

*you can see multiple views here...and why wouldn't you?  that's like not looking at the mona lisa....

So because I have no impulse control I purchased it.  The bedding and the shams (because why just go into debt when you can go into full blown poverty?)

I decided to center my room around this print of Tennessee that I won in a contest last year (anyone remember that?  It was pre-Chinese curse days so you might not)

So I got my bedding in Ivory so it would be the perfect starting off point.

Then because decorative pillows are basically my form of crack cocaine...I purchased 3 from Pier 1 Imports.

I received all my purchases and immediately put them together but because my room looked like Aiden Quinn's loft in Desperately Seeking Susan (mattress on the floor and everything) I decided to re-arrange it and make it look like an actual human bedroom.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the before...just the afters.  So I'll use the dungeon on Saw II because I think it's pretty much the same thing...



 (the coloring on this one sucks...it was taken on my cell phone...)

My eBay purchase of 1500 thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets pretty much completed the transformation (it's like being hugged by a cloud every single night....seriously...best purchase of my life)There's still a few more things to do... I'm going to re-paint the stand that my TV/computer are on.  I'm also planning on moving my painting of the Eiffel Tower over the couch and then hanging my Tennessee print over my bed with 2 more prints.  I'm thinking this one

and this one (in my name of course and in a different color)....

*And contrary to the title of this post....nothing magical happens here. Unless you count my Harry Potter movie marathons.  Which may be the explanation as to why nothing else magical happens here.  What a Catch-22.


Beth said...

Super cute... I actually saw a tutorial on how to make that comforter... you could have made it haha... just kidding it would take forever!

Suzy said...

I am in love with that bedding! Good Choice...

Emily said...

Reason # 450848 why we are the same:

1: I was in Anthropologie just last night, and I was staring at(or drooling shamelessly over) that exact same thing (only in dark purple, and it was heavenly).

2: I recently had a grown-up room transformation (because clearly I'm so grown up). I also made lots of custom frames featuring Paris prints.


3: I have to have an old school calendar hanging in my room at all times.

We're actually twins, don't know if you know.

Vanessa said...

Oh my....we are twins...like Freaky Friday, Escape to Witch Mountain twins....because I spend time at Hobby Lobby like it's my job. And when I leave it's seriously like saying good bye to a friend and I can't wait to go back. I could literally spend HOURS in that store. And I love those Paris frames that you did. AND I almost got the bedding in purple and the only reason I didn't was because it wouldn't match.
Wow. Twins. You're right.

Laura {and JR} said...

lovely! and harry potter is magical.

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