Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I received the new Anthropologie catalog today....

Looking at things from Anthroplogie is probably the closest I've been to experiencing true love (Zack Morris and Jon Hamm excluded)

my palms get sweaty
my heart beats faster
my pupils (probably) dilate

we carry on like this for good while....a courtship if you will.

I consider making a commitment.  Going the distance (aka purchasing everything I see).

Luckily for me (and my paycheck), I have a big fear of commitment.

Then the break up conversation starts:
"Look....Anthropologie (insert season here) catalog.  We've been seeing each other for 20 minutes now and while I think you are fantastic.....I just don't think it's working out.  It's not you....it's me.  I just need my space (and my money) right now.  Please don't cry."
Then I promise to come back (insert following season here) and we do the whole thing over again.
It's a vicious cycle but someone has to do it.

* for the record this is really close to how my relationships with both zack morris and jon hamm work out too....

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Anonymous said...

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