Monday, April 4, 2011

My future spouse

So this Mr. Hottie McHotterson

got married.  Word on the street is he met his Mrs. at a Whole Foods while grocery shopping.

Taking that equation and considering my personal habits......
I will meet my husband at a Maverick gas station when I am 10 minutes late for work.
How romantic.


The Miranda's said... crack me up!

Sarah Jones said...

Got directed here from Bethany Joys blog & have read a lt of your posts laughing out loud! You have a fan.



emuhleem said...

Like Sarah, I found you via Mrs. Scott's blog (because I'm that obsessed I will choose to call her that even though it isn't her name in real life). Anyway, I've been cracking up hardcore. I am super excited to follow your blog from here until my computer crashes.

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