Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pinky Promise

Once the absolute craziness of work dies down a little bit I pinky swear that you will have the following updates

1. 2 count them TWO Bachelor updates
2. A sad and terrible account of my night of inventory at work and the disasters that ensued (get the Kleenex out for this one.  It's practically a Nicolas Sparks novel.  Without the cancer, hurricane, or man who loves me.)  Note to my mom readers: You can send a box of Kleenex to a friend at  Maybe y'all should band together and send each other boxes!  Yes? No? Yes?
3. A recount of the 11 days in which I was single parent.  And how grateful my siblings were when my negligent reign was over (shout out to CPS!  You're good people.)
4. A list of reasons why I should be President  (such as 1. Glee kids would sing at every major meeting)
5. The reason to why I sleep with a crowbar next to my bed.

That's all for now.  I have to get some sleep.  I wish going to bed early felt as good as sleeping in.  Just to let you know.....(especially if you or your family lives in the Provo area) I am doing pre-orders for our Spring gift with purchase through the weekend!  It's SO CUTE!  It's a 6 piece free gift with any purchase of $32.50 or more plus I always add in a few extra goodies for friends/family.  Comment if I can hook you up!  (I will ship to you as well if you need me to!.....and I work for Lancome.  You should probably know that.  Check out some of their cute new stuff for spring on the website and then let me know!)

I would also like to point out that I don't remember a time when I put on a jacket and didn't find a Tylenol PM in the pocket.  Guys, I dare you not to marry me.

Gossip Girl

P.S. And just because I have a firm belief that every post should have a is what you get when you type "pig with boots" into Google.  You're welcome.

1 comment:

The Miranda's said...

I can't wait for your updates! Your bigs with boots made me laugh out loud and my kids loved it too!

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