Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear NFL Quarterbacks (with a note to Tom Brady)

Dear Aaron Rodgers,
Remember that dream I had about you that one time....yeah you know the one.  Let's not let it be for nothing

Dear Mark Sanchez,
Even though you ruined my made up for it by ruining Tom Brady's.  You are on the fast track to me having a dream about you too....if that's any incentive for you.

Dear Jay Cutler,
Tom Brady and I were talking and we decided a few things:
1. You are ugly
2. You are a tool
3. We hope you cry when you lose
And when Tom Brady and I are agreeing on know it's bad.

Dear Ben Roethlisberger,
Your name is long and dumb and so is your face.  Also choosing between you and Tom Brady for who I like least would be like trying to chose which way I want to die.

Dear Tom Brady,
Are you going to miss me?  Remember when you lost last week?  That was fun.  In honor of what may be my last letter to you for awhile, I have created a montage of all my favorite pictures of you.

I never said it would be easy.  I just said it would be worth it.
And I certainly didn't say this was the last you'd hear from me. 

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