Monday, November 3, 2008

Burning the Midnight Oil

Wow...where to start. I feel like ever since I started working night shift I am literally dead to the world. I go to work at 11 and work all night until 7 am, come home fall into my bed by 8 get up at 2:30 and get ready for work at the salon and at 11 I rinse and repeat the whole to say. It's been crazy, I frequently forget what day it is and sometimes I will realize it has been 24 hours since I have eaten anything... but it has been so great too. There have been some hard nights...2 nights ago we had a patient crash and go into kidney failure (keep in mind this was Saturday night...when I then I had to get up and go to church the next morning, teach sharing time, teach my Sunbeams, and all this without the help of my dear sister...). BUT there have been some great nights too. Last night I had a patient who took a great liking to me and was calling me into her room literally every 20 minutes AND she would call me by name and she was telling all the nurses "oh Vanessa knows how to do it, she knows the way I like it, no one does it like Vanessa" was cracking me up. This job above all else has taught me the value of service. I am there for people in their weakest state when their families can't and they trust me to attend to their needs and take care of them. What an awesome responsibility. I love love love it.
And can I just admit to the world right now what a huge dork I am? I actually had my family tape the football game for me last night because I couldn't watch it...when did I turn into such a guy? But the Colts won! Yeah!
In closing I would like to publicly apologize for being so anti social. But it probably won't change anytime soon because no one does it like me! :)
Also here is a picture of the delicious cake my darling mother made for me...rainbow chip of course! Thanks's nice to know that even after 22 years you let me have the cake of a 10 year old and don't think twice about it (at least out loud...)
*Please make special note of the most fabulous birthday gift ever bestowed upon someone in the background...that is right ladies and is a one of a kind...(sort of...), magically versatile...the one, the only, the...Magic Bullet! I have been lusting after this little beauty for about 3 years now and my friends got it for me! They are the best and I've already make some delicious concoctions in this baby.

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