Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey, Potatoes, Pie, and the Nortons

We combined all the things you need for a successful Thanksgiving this year and there was only 1 incident of crying (but when there are siblings involved you can pretty much expect that...).
Usually we being the outcasts from our family in Utah (sure love ya guys!) we spend Thanksgiving....alone. Which is ok but ya see these people everyday. So what sets it apart from any other meal we eat together (besides the feeling of warmth and love Thanksgiving gives you...and home made pie.). But this year we scored the Thanksgiving lottery and were invited to join the Norton family for Thanksgiving.
So the day started off with me getting up an hour and a half before my alarm (which did not make me happy but I gritted my teeth and thought of all the things I'm thankful the fact I'm not a turkey today.)
I watched some of the Thanksgiving parade...snore...(parades are not my thing) and did some laundry. We got ready and had a model worthy photo shoot before leaving the house.
I know...professionally good looking right?

Then it was off to the Nortons.

We made all the final preparations...I made my magically delicious mashed potatoes (they really are fabulous). After some forlorn and starving looks from certain members of the family (I mean she does resemble an Ethiopian child doesn't she?)

We ate....and ate...and ate.

I am fully convinced that turkey really does make you tired because I just about passed out right there on the table after eating. We took a little break to watch YouTube videos making fun of the likes of Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama (democrats in general)

...did a little cleaning...watched a little football (sorry Lions but c'mon we all saw it coming) and then broke out the PIE! We had a plethora of combos to choose from:
Chocolate Cream, Pumpkin (canned and real pumpkin), Apple/Cranberry, and my dad's world (kind of) famous Banana Cream Pie...
So de-lish!

My fave would have to be the Apple/Cranberry that Traci made. I don't even like apple pie but it was pretty much the bomb...and she home made her crust (I was un aware we were having dinner with Martha Stuart!)
A highlight would be when Coley decided to sample a piece of EVERY pie. That would be 5 different slices for those of you keeping track at home. I bet her that she couldn't eat it all...she took my bet and that tiny thing actually accomplished the mission. I am curious as to how that worked out for her later on this evening though...
After a day filled with food, laughter, friendship...and pie, we bundled up and drove home. We changed into our comfies and snuggled on the couch to watch Kung Fu Panda. I was asleep within the first 10 minutes but everyone else enjoyed it!
So all in all this year's Thanksgiving was a total success! Hope yours was great too! I am so thankful for so much- family, friends, my faith in the gospel, freedom. The list could go on and on.
Even through the tough times there is so much to be grateful for...and if you're having trouble coming up with I said- Just be thankful you aren't a turkey today. You got off easy compared to the poor soul on your plate!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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