Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not my Gumdrop Buttons!

If you haven't seen the movie Shrek- first of should. Second of all- that is a line in the movie made famous by Gingy, the sarcastic but good intentioned gingerbread man.
Well this year while shopping at Target I got caught up in the holiday spirit and impulsively bought a gingerbread cottage kit. It was only $9.99 and I thought of all the happy memories I could make with my little brother. Us chatting and bonding while putting together an architectural masterpiece. I brought it home and promised him we could make it on Thanksgiving. Silly me forgetting that when you tell a 5 year old they can do something fun it is ALL they talk about for at least the next 32 hours! Well the day finally arrived and we broke out the gingerbread house. It was fairly easy- even though the picture on the package always looks better than your actual finished product. We recruited Kenz to help us out and we started building. As far as the bonding went- Kian was much more interested in eating the candy. But he would randomly shout out words of encouragement "Good job guys this looks great!" or "We can do it however we want!" but mostly "Can I eat that?"
It was fun though and I think our house is the talk and envy of the entire gingerbread community. I'm pretty sure Gingy would be proud.


Anne Tan said...
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