Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Currently Loving...

I am currently in love with a few things I would like to share with you...

1. Taylor Swift's new album "Fearless"
It is FABULOUS! Every song on there is great! I highly recommend it for girls of all ages!

2. Twilight
I was worried about this movie but I loved it! Thanks to Emma who put up with my craziness after I had worked 20 hours and slept for 3 and then went to go see this at 10:15...I was slurring my words and talking crazy and she endured it like a trooper. You Rock Em!

And it doesn't hurt that Edward is a total B-A-B-E!

3. Diet Mt. Dew
I was never a fan of diet mountain dew but I started drinking it on a whim while working at the hospital and now I can't stop! I swear it has some sort of drug in it....I have to drink it every day and it gets me through those long night shifts..

4. The Tiffany Holiday catalog
Too bad I don't make more money but I might just treat myself to something this year....

5. Sephora
I LOVE Sephora make up and they have all these fun looks for the holidays...I'm thinking about trying this one out for our work Christmas party at the salon...what do you think?

That's all- I am at a loss about what to blog about because it seems as though my life only consists of working. All the time. BORRING! But at least I'm makin some sweet moolah.
Hey shout out to my boyfriend Matt who threw over 400 yds in his game on Sunday for the SECOND week in a row! He is the only Patriots QB to do that EVER in history and only the 5th to do it in the history of the NFL! Say it with me....Tom Brady who?

Aww...isn't he so cute?

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your blog is so good......

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