Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Collage

weekend collage

weekend collage by vanessanelson featuring nars cosmetics

Hello hello!  How are you all doing???  I thought I'd share my weekend activities with you in hopes that you will forgive me for being missing last you know?  It always ends up busier than expected.  This week I have some fun things planned that I'll mention at the end.  As for this weekend I really enjoyed PINK.  Like bright pink.  It's such a fun trend right now and NARS has their "Final Cut" collection (pink and more pink) which is to DIE FOR (as most Nars always is.....) and Estee Lauder just introduced a new line of lipstick that I'm loving!  As usual Butter London is my all time favorite nail polish.  I recently discovered the color "Teddy Girl" and it's the perfect babydoll pink.  It's currently on their "Last Orders" list so it's HALF OFF.  You're welcome :)
And my favorite perfume is by Philosophy....surprisingly enough.  I've never really loved anything from them before but this fragrance is my fave.  It's sweet and feminine and lovely and it's aptly called "Falling In Love" which I have done for this fragrance.
DID YOU WATCH THE ACADEMY AWARDS???  I'm going to do a post on all the shenanigans but WOW everyone looked amazeballs.  Also this week I have been blasting Lea Michele's new album non-stop.  Whatever personal feelings I have for her aside....the girl can sing!  My current fave is "Burn With You"  check it'll be blasting it too!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I'm really excited for the things I have planned this week. A fun post on nail polish, a wicked playlist, and some personal thoughts as well.  While we're on the topic...feel free to share anything you'd love to see more of or anything new you'd love to see too!  
And my video editing is still acting out like a 15 year old girl so.....sorry about that.  Working on it! 
Share anything fun, new, exciting, or just thoughts in the comments! 
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