Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Night at the Jr. High Dance....

You know those nights that just take you back?  Back to times of barefoot summers playing in sprinklers, passing notes in class, and hoping that your crush notices you at the dance?  I have vivid memories of those Jr. high dances.  Everyone dancing hard and fast to "Tubthumbing" and then panicking when a slow jam comes on.  In my case the songs that created the most sheer horror and panic through my 13 year old body were....Boyz II Men.  Those soulful romantic songs...wishing my crush (I won't tell you his name....still too soon) would ask me to dance.
I got to relive those glory days as well as fulfill many a pre-teen fantasy by going to a BOYZ II MEN CONCERT.
Oh yes.  This happened and it was glorious.

 This little kid next to me was my favorite person on the planet.  
I don't think he liked me but I took at picture with him anyway.

We felt 13 again

Any moments that had you re-living your preteen days???
I'd love to hear about them!  Comment below! :)

My favorite Boyz II Men song ever

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