Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Playlist and News!!!

Ok so I'm the worst boyfriend ever.
I promised I'd call you.
I didn't.
I promised I'd make it up to you.
I didn't.
Please don't break up with me.  I swear I'll treat you right.
Especially because.....
Ohhhhhhh no.  Are you so excited?  Can you even stand it?  So while I'm editing and waiting for a pizza I ordered TWO HOURS AGO (seriously Garet at Domino's!  Get it together!!!!!)
I thought I would give you a little playlist to enjoy whilst we both wait for things we're both very excited for.  Me for pepperoni and you for....my face?
I don't really know who is the winner in this situation.

I'm really into cover music.  Like a lot of the time I end up liking covers of songs better than the originals.....does that make me a jerk?  Probably....point is that you'll see some great covers on this playlist as well as a light sprinkling of Christmas songs.......(it's coming guys)

P.S. I did stop in the middle of that because Garet finally brought the pizza.  STILL TWO HOURS LATER THOUGH.  I wrote a comment on their website.  More updates on this scintillating story to follow. 

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