Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Collage

weekend collage

Hey gurl hey!!!
How was your weekend??  Mine was crazy!  I sprained my ankle at work (story and gruesome pictures to come) and spent most of the weekend resting up!  HERE are some things I'm obsessed with right now though!
1. Animal print - I used to avoid it at all costs because I thought it looked cheap but I have discovered in my older age that animal print can look super sexy and classy when done the right way!  And now I love it.
2. Pops of color.  LOVE pairing a bright color (pink is my fave) with your neutral tones.  Makes you feel fun and feminine
3. Clinique 3-Step skin care.  If you guys aren't using 3-Step PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to your local Clinique counter and get skin typed.  This is PROVEN to be the absolute best skin care out there.
4. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome - this new fragrance is super sexy and flirty.   Love it.
5. The Bachelorette - Don't tell anyone.

How was your weekend?  Any new favorite discoveries???  Share your happy weekend stories in the comments!  I love to hear happy weekend stories ;)


Amanda said...

I feel exactly the same about animal print! I always thought it was cheap and tacky, but since I've gotten older I love little touches of it, especially leopard print!! I have an awesome summer straw hat with a silky leopard print band around the rim. It is tiny, but really compliments the hat! I also love a leopard print skinny belt with a plain dress for an extra something cute! :)

Emily said...

I am so in love with pairing bold colors with blah outfits. My favorite pair of shoes are red heels, and I put them with mostly anything. Black, brown, turquoise. I may be out of control.

Also, I haven't watched the Bachelorette, but I may or may not have spent a considerable amount of time reading about the finale yesterday. Oops.

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