Wednesday, July 11, 2012


reading: "Most Talkative" by Andy Cohen.  For the 3rd time.  Laugh out loud funny.  He really is my future best friend who doesn't know it yet.

watching: So You Think You Can Dance.  Amazing this year.  I love almost all the dancers and they are so incredibly talented.  In honor of the show I wanted to show you some of my favorites from past seasons...

also watching lana del rey's music video for "national anthem" over and over.  it's one of the smartest and most well done video i've seen in a long time.  love the retro yet modern feel.

and....white collar returned last night.  just..the best show.

loving: this nail polish color called "flip flop fantasy" it's this gorgeous neon coral/pink.  fantastic and summery

anticipating: my big move.  buying things for the new apartment and getting so excited.  also (as lame as it sounds) anticipating the return of my favorite summer guilty pleasure..."big brother"

listening to: i've been listening to a lot of different bands non-stop!  as you have probably all figured music taste is all over the place.  my current list of favorites include
marina and the diamonds...the whole album is so so good
oh land....such a cool sound
the zomibies....i love 60's rock music
imagine dragons....just perfection
willie nelson....he is magic

laughing about: how I always try to take pictures with the dog and he always licks me.  every single time.  he can't help it.

How about you?  What are you up to today?  Post your own "currently" and then link to your post in the comment section so we can all check it out!


Steph said...

Great post Vanessa, I made my own quick version of your "Currently"....I'd love if you went to check it out!

Amanda said...

I love your blog :) Especially Friday Letters (v. funny) and weekend collage (you pick some lovely clothes and have awesome colour coordination). I always stop by each week to catch up.

Also, I have tagged you for the Liebster Award on my blog. If you want to join in please check it out:

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