Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Collage

Weekend Collage

Weekend Collage by vanessanelson featuring a lip treatment

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Been super busy at work but I did get to have a night of fun on Saturday.  My friend Karyn and I ran around all over town and then hung out with some of her friends and watched "Lady In Black" y'all see that movie???  I had to sleep on the couch it gave me such a bad case of the spooks!  I ALWAYS get peer pressured into watching scary movies and I always regret it.  We did have some good laughs though!  Now I'm getting ready for my vacation starting on Wednesday!!! I'm so excited. 
So...hopefully....look forward to a whole week of consistent blog posts! :)
Have a good one!
P.S. Are you as obsessed with the bubble necklace in my collage as I am?  Did you know that right now you have a chance to win one in an amazing giveaway?
Check it out HERE and good luck! :)

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