Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Everything you ever wanted to (or didn't want to) know about me and One Tree Hill

So I'm finally posting my OTH master post.  As a lot of  you know I recently started watching this show again from the very beginning and wow...what a nostalgic journey it has been.  I know that to some it may seem silly to have so many emotions tied into a TV show.  A TV show for teenagers that originally aired on the WB nonetheless.  To you I say, watch one episode.  Just one.  It has more heart in that one episode than most shows these days do in their entire series run.  It's honest, real, moving, funny, relevant.  So I went online and there is a whole post of questions about OTH favorites that I thought I would share along with some favorite moments AND a OTH playlist consisting of all my favorite songs from the show (thanks to my BFF Beth for that idea).


Favorite Male character?

Nathan Scott.  I love the evolution he makes throughout the seasons.  I'm also currently having a fight with my shallow girl side who wants to say "plus he's super hot"

Favorite Female character
Brooke Davis.  She is amazing.  In the episode when they are going to make a movie based on "An Unkindness of Ravens" Julian gives her the sides on the character "Brooke Davis" which describes her to a T
"Gorgeous brunette with an amazing energy and smile.  Funny.  Intelligent.  Kind-hearted.  Strong Headed.  Simple.  Complicated.  Motherly.  Childish.  Tough.  Sensitive.  Beautiful."

Your favorite couple

I adore Nathan and Haley.  They are wonderful BUT (and don't hate me for saying this) they got on my nerves sometimes!  So.....I'm gonna have to say Brooke/Julian

Your favorite friendship

All the friendships are so great on this show....Peyton/Haley, Lucas/Haley, Nathan/Lucas, Brooke/Haley, Clay/Nathan, Brooke/Millie, Mouth/Jimmy but I think the ultimate for me is of course Brooke/Peyton.  I have to choose them because there is something so special about your best best girlfriend that can't be replaced by anything else.

Your favorite actor

Paul Johansson.  Hands down.  He's flawless!

Your favorite actress
Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy

 Your favorite season
Seasons 3-4 were the BEST (I also really really enjoyed the 9th and final season)

Your least favorite season
Season 5....it felt strange.

Your favorite episode
THIS IS HARD but my Top 4 are
1. With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, and Tired Souls We Slept
2. Danny Boy 
3. You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Your favorite quote
"Every once in awhile, people step up, they rise above themselves.  Sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short.  Life is funny sometimes.  It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of a song, and in the eyes of someone you love.  And if you're lucky, if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back."
- Everyday Is A Sunday Evening (Season 4)

Favorite CODA

The final one.  It doesn't get any better than when the chords of U2's song "One Tree Hill" start playing and you see the original 3 cast members flashing back to high school...chills and tears every time.

Your favorite song played on One Tree Hill
Strays Don't Sleep - For Blue Skies
Changed my life.

All time favorite One Tree Hill scene

The end of Season 4 is just the most beautiful scene.  It makes me sob every time I watch it.  You can feel the same feelings they would be feeling at the end of high school.  The same feelings we've all felt...excitement, fear, longing.  Love love love

I'll finish my playlist post tomorrow!  While we're on the subject, I know a lot of you come from an OTH fanbase.  Any other favorite moments or memories you want to share?  Leave me a comment!


Beth said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post... and love you of course

b said...

I like a lot of what you've chosen. One of my all time favourite episodes is The Wind that Blew my Heart Away. I absolutely love Lucas' speech to Brooke. It's beautiful.

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