Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Night Playlist

1. Matt Nathanson- Still
2. Jupiter Rising- Foolish
3. Schuyler Fisk- Fall Apart Today
4. Mike Doughty- I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress
5. Matt the Electrician- Jesse's Girl
6. Ben Lee- Catch My Disease
7. Spin Doctors- Two Princes
8. Bruno Mars- Liquor Store Blues
9. Ry Cumming- Home
10. Pearl Jam- Just Breathe
11. Lady GaGa- Alejandro
12. Plasticines- Bitch
13. Mike Posner- Cooler Than Me
14. The Band Perry- If I Die Young
15. The Weepies- I Was Made for Sunny Days
16. Joshua Radin & Schulyer Fisk- Paperweight
17. Ray LaMontagnne & The Pariah Dogs- Like Rock & Roll and Radio
18. Rosi Golan- Think of Me
19. Kid Cudi feat. MGMT- Pursuit of Happiness
20.Fleetwood Mac- Bleed to Love Her
21. The Kooks- Naive
22. The Virgins- Rich Girls
23. Florence + The Machine- Cosmic Love

I know it's long but I haven't done one for a long time and 23 is my lucky number.  I don't know if anyone actually reads these and listens to any of this stuff but if you do PLEASE let me know how you like them.  I'm always interested in knowing if my suggestions have been successful! :) Have a great week!

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SunflowerSteph said...

Soooo I realize that I've been commenting on like fifty things of yours (k maybe only 3) but your blogs are HILARIOUS, TRUE, WITTY, AND HILARIOUS. I figured since you asked for us to let you know if we like your playlists that I'd let you know... I love them...and have created playlists on youtube based around the ones you post on here. So THANK YOU. Because we have the same taste in music and you introduce me to bands and musicians whose music is the essence of awesome! XD

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