Monday, September 20, 2010

New job, new hair, new boyfriend

Some pretty big changes happening in my life right now!  As you know I've been working at Macy's in cosmetics/fragrances since May.  My official job was "on call" which means I was a floater...I would work from counter to counter as needed.  Sometimes I would have 40 hours....sometimes I would have 16.  It was unpredictable but something that I loved.  Ever since I started I have been longing to be a regular full or part-timer at a counter....the Lancome counter in particular.  I love their products and I feel so comfortable there.  They just have never had a place for me because they already had a full time and a part time.
Last Monday the part time girl came in and gave her 2 weeks notice.  I was holding my breath just praying that meant I could interview and possibly get the job.
Tuesday I go into work and my manager handed me my transfer paperwork, the main Regional manager person of Lancome just happened to be around and came to interview me, loved me, and told my manager to continue paperwork.
I have offiically been hired as the new part-time beauty adviser for Lancome!

I am so excited!!!!  This is something I have worked for and wanted for so long!!!

Also.....I cut my hair

And yeah that's the bathroom...because only super classy girls like me take self-photos in the bathroom.

What do you think???

ALSO we got a new puppy!

He is so sweet and adorable!  But we still can't come up with a name.  So if you would be so kind as to vote in the poll to your right we would greatly appreciate it!!!


Jen said...

did you talk about the boyfriend or am i led to believe that the dog is filling up that space in your heart?

also name him schrute.
it will make my life a great place.

The Nelsons said...

Love the hair :)

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