Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare?

(Disclaimer:credits go to the one and only Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce for the title of this blog)

Ok so last night I had this dream and it was so weird. I was hanging out with Dr. Travis (from the show "The Doctors" and formerly of "The Bachelor")

and then all of a sudden he lived across the street from me. And I was vacuuming. And then he was throwing rocks across the street so they would hit my front door and get my attention so he could talk to me. And I remember thinking "Oh my gosh a guy is actually throwing rocks at my window trying to get my attention right now"...that only happens in a Taylor Swift song- so here is my question- why is it that I can be surprised in my own dream? Aren't these things that come from your brain? I can guarantee I've never thought about Dr. Travis throwing rocks at my window before and yet my brain gave me that image. Dreams freak me out. It's like your brain takes over your body. I knew I nurse back in Indiana who took Ambien and woke up the in the middle of the night and she was outside eating grass. Sleeping is a scary thing guys...your mind has a mind of it's own.
Thank you is in order to my brain for letting me dream about this doctor...

and not the creepy plastic surgeon Dr. on the far left....

Thanks brain.
So any ideas about why our minds give you something you never even thought of before? Or maybe I just shouldn't watch "The Doctors" right before I go to bed?

Also just as a side note: One thing to remember about rock throwing- In one setting it's one of the greatest romantic gestures of all time and in the other vandalism....so watch out for that.

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The Miranda's said...

lol...I love how you were vaccuming in your dream..and of course how he was throwing rocks to get your attention...interesting. : )

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