Saturday, December 12, 2009

when the lights go down in the city

or maybe when they come on?

My family decided to head up to Salt Lake City on Friday night to go see the lights at temple square and see what other shenanigans we could get into. Going to see the lights in SLC was always my very favorite thing to do as a kid. I would count down the days. I have a strong affinity for twinkle lights so this is like my dreamland.

It was an early day for Kian and Kenz so we went up early to catch the Joseph Smith movie playing at Legacy theater. Oh my was amazing. One of my favorite songs has always been "Praise to the Man" and towards the end they play this montage to the MoTab singing that song and wow...chills. It was beautiful. Then we took a little walk around Joseph Smith Memorial Building...They had different nativities set up from different countries

Kian with the Native American nativity

Calah with the Japanese nativity

It was freezing by the way. Like feet numb, face numb, hands numb freezing. And while we were there we saw President and Sister Lemarr and Sherri Rock! (for all my Fishers readers out there) they look SO great! After a quick chat with them we took the train over to Gateway mall (the mall made by the hands of angels) and got a quick bite to eat and headed over to Old Navy to buy some much needed hats and gloves- and watched the lights/water show...

Then we rolled back over to Temple Square.

The lights were beautiful as usual. Around this time Kian was big time complaining about wanting to go eat. I guess the magic of twinkle lights does not extend to 6 year old boys.

After temple square we went to this place called Pat's BBQ for dinner. We had seen the restaurant highlighted on the show "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives" on Food Network. It definitely lived up to it's potential. Live blues music and some killer beef brisket. It was awesome.

All in all it was a great night!

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