Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear Allergy Season,

You really suck.

Sincerely, Vanessa

Dear Benadryl,

Thank you for making me feel like I was a good way.

XOXO, Vanessa

Dear Guy who is currently helping my parents remodel their upstairs bathroom which is inconveniently located directly above my bedroom,

There's got to be a better time than 8 am to start breaking apart a bathtub with a sledgehammer....yes?

Regards, Vanessa

Dear the word "Moist",

I really don't think that anyone is comfortable with you.  And I vote we as english language users just vote to abolish you.

Sorry....not really, Vanessa

Dear Friday,

Thank you for coming back to me....and I guess I'll thank Macy's for giving me the day off to enjoy it.

Love, Vanessa


Sladjana said...

Hahahah :D
Lovely! xo

Culinary Contessa said...

AGREED. On all accounts. : )

And I must share one of my favorite lines from "Dead Like Me":

"My mother hates the word 'moist'. She thinks it's pornographic."


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