Monday, May 30, 2011

for future reference

You can file these under the "things that have dramatically altered Vanessa's life" category.

Also....I'm sad to say the love affair with Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper has ended.  Diet Coke has been restored to it's rightful place as the only carbonated beverage in my really does prevail.

Speaking of love that isn't real has anyone been watching The Bachelorette?  I'm so not into Ashley but I've ALWAYS blogged about the Bachelor/Bachelorette so I'm kind of having a moral dilemma...
We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

And speaking of waiting (ahh you see what I did there?!) your wait for the giveaway announcement is almost over!  Pics of the giveaway happening tomorrow!!!
If you want to up your chances of winning I mentioned 2 things in this blog you can send me...

Hint: It's not a venereal disease like the ones the contestants on the Bachelorette get.

1 comment:

Sladjana said...

Hahahah :D You want some Diet Coke & Almond Joy Pieces?!
Shame on you Ness! :)) LOL

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