Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mam

Today is my Mam's birthday.  She would have been 68.  I just wanted to acknowledge her on this day.  I miss her every day.  I miss her when I'm sad and I miss her when I'm happy.  I really miss her when I'm having any type of disagreement with my parents because she had a way of talking to me that was completely unpatronizing but helped me see others point of view.  She treated me like a adult but she loved me with the kind of true and unconditional love that only a grandma can give.  I miss her laugh.  She had the best laugh.  The last time I saw her she spent some time with us in the summer.  We spent an entire day while the family was gone just watching movies (Connie and Carla was her was hilarious to her) and eating Chex Mix.  She made her potato salad which is still to this day the best potato salad I've ever had.  No one has ever been able to make her same recipe the same way she did.  She fought for the people she loved.  She stuck up for my Mom to us kids and she stuck up for me to my parents.  It makes me the most sad when I think of how my future children will never get to have her in their lives.  Will never know the power of her hug or the contagious sound of her laughter or hear her wise advice and grow stronger from her perfect words of encouragement.  She was still to this day, the best friend I've ever had.  She was gone from my life far too soon.  I just live hoping to make her proud.

Happy Birthday Mam
I love you and miss you.


Sladjana said...

So sad... :( But that is life... Great post!

The Miranda's said...

what a great grandma...and what a nice post!

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