Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A difficult task

I generally really like living in my parent's basement alone.  And by alone I mean not married.

No one to have to double check plans with.  No one to steal my covers or ruin my perfectly planned sleep habits (start on left side, switch to right, arm under pillow, left leg out from under sheets....repeat as needed).  No one to share my paycheck with.

But I have to say if there was one time it would help to have an extra person around it would be when I'm trying to fit a very large comforter into a duvet cover.  It's probably the hardest task known to man-kind.  All times I have done this in my life I or the comforter wanted to call it quits.  There was some yelling and pouting and  harsh words exchanged, and that was just the comforter.  But we always put aside our differences and the bed ends up a warmer place as a result.

In other news, on a scale of 1 to 10 of how much I need this  (1 being probably and 10 being, darn, that's what I got you for your birthday) what would you say?

And also if we're being honest, while you're there, I might need this

and this

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